Editors’ Choice – Empyrean

Presenting NESA Creative Writing’s latest work: Empyrean The galaxy is a vast and beautiful place, full of glittering stars, complex constellations, and evils unknown to man. In Empyrean, take a tour of this celestial world through small human connections, grand intergalactic journeys, and quiet reflections on our place amid the expanse. Take that leap of faith […]

Editors’ Choice – Macabre

Presenting NESA Creative Writing’s latest work: Macabre Macabre invites the reader into a world of dark and strange curiosities. Witness spirits drifting between ephemeral forms, mysterious rabbits opening the door to warped memories, and girls and ghosts reminiscing about death’s after-effects. What curious, unfathomable forces play behind the curtain of the familiar world? Might they […]