Circus Freaks

By: Lyda Martin










 I: Challenger

             There is no ease 

With which we climb these trees

             No ease, no ease

Is nothing easy worth the pursuit?


II: Spectre

             I am so disappointed

I was not born an angel

             There’s this one song I remember

I turned it off: it was too happy


III: Whining

This is not dramatics

             No, it’s not dramatic at all

No love, no love, not love at all

             You are nothing answering me. 


IV: Sword-Swallower

Yes, I think I am in love with you

             I realized it a month ago

They do drugs together

             But we, we kiss


V: Contortionist

Six years and so much music

             Six years, and so much music to be had

And there is a highway, and then the train tracks

             And then the streets named after states



There is a little boy, without his shirt on, biking noisily across the wooden bridge. You can see his ribs. You are not sure if that is normal for a child. You have not seen a child in a while. 


I’ve been obsessed with angels lately. I’ve been obsessed with you.


Art Piece by Clementine Vale