By: Lauren D’Agostino



Freedom from blood pumping 

and nerves synapsing.

air ticking nostrils as lungs fill and deflate.

To escape what it is like to be human.

Transitioning from this avatar with 4 stumps

To a live, fiery ball of energy that chases its own tail. 

To be a soul all throughout.

If just for a moment the soul could leave its body

And experience pure energy-

To feel the existence that is separate from

This meat suit that we call a body.

Not only to experience separation but to


Co-exist, co-entangle, commingle


For body and soul to align

In a way that we escape the 

Life of this dumb, physical body 

That attaches itself to ego and 

Doesn’t let go of thoughts and 

Ideas when it should,

And live as a pure soul would


To live and breathe in this body 

And yet exist as a soul-

Free from the malice tongues 

That snap at our brains

Free from the ego

Who screams to have

Issues with the world around  

So you don’t get too attached 

Or get hurt.

To escape from the brain and 

To exist without fear.