Your wrists fit perfectly in my hands

as I bare them above your head. 


You’re so solid and real under me.


And I want it all.


I kiss every inch of your chest,

and feel the desire rising in my teeth.


I want to bite until I break the skin,

        bite until the sickly sweet taste of your blood

               fill my mouth.


You stifle a groan as I scrape my fingertips

across your sides.


I want to play your vocal cords like a harp,

        and find the exact frequency that makes

               that heavenly noise.


I bury my nose in your shoulder

and breathe in the scent of your skin.


I want to extract the smell,

        squeeze out every last drop

               and wear you as perfume. 


I feel your heartbeat beneath me.


Not long ago,

you said it was mine.


I want to rip open your chest

        and curl up inside your ribcage,


I want to study your heart

        and carve my name into it.


I want to pull you apart at the seams

just so I can sew you up again.


I’ll sew myself into you.


I told you that you were a part of me

I had lost at the beginning of time.


And the closer that we get the more

I believe the story more than ever.


But the only way for us to truly be one

        is to hurt each other 

beyond repair.