Enjoy/The End/Upon Us.

By Brianna Byars


Darkened roads, dusty and barren; Fanua    has hidden her beautiful face in the cracks

of the ground. Love, she is lost on     these roads; skeletons rest on their backs. The 

journey to Hades makes their    bones gnash and creek. Shards of glass puncture 

their feet with each step,    yet none squeal in pain. Watch their watery eyes and 


hollowed cheeks.     The blue blood of their sacrifices create a trail. Along this

path on the highway to hell lie    their memorials: a bouquet of roses, trampled

 by each step of the herd. A card for        Jane     Doe, the recipient forever lost.


Souls screech into the      night; dark pillowy clouds roll upon the lands.

Some of these creatures cry into the universe:         “Lord,

 make heaven wait. For one more chance is all    I ask!”

No one will answer, here you must sit in the midst of hell.


Watch as the souls come in,      fire raining down from the surface

As the angels cry, and the oceans cloak the lands in their essence-

Here you must sit and watch     as your world has already ended,

 yet you still shed your tears.   The chaos and screams of the 

children for their mothers, encapsulated in a single symphony 

of madness: The cries of Eurydice burn her throat as she 

screams for her  Orpheus.       May you watch as this  earth 

collapses, as the lands decay and wither.       The beats of 

trotting horses pound into your skull.      Four flags will fly, 

their colors bleeding into       the dark skies. The End, she 

is            Upon Us.     And you, my love 

get a   front row seat


E    n     j    o    y.