Found Home

Megan Quiroz, Alight. Watercolor and acrylics, 2024.


By Laurel Reyna


Lying down with you 

Ribs linked together

Hips touching

Hands interlocked


We lie in a field of color

A vivid purple and golden yellow,

Orange outlining our bodies


I look up


The sky is a shimmering rose gold color

So fluid and graceful 

Like the glittery shine put on a young girl’s lips


The world spins 

And the sky seems unable to catch up

Swirling and swishing in and out of view 

Whirling and twirling across the stratosphere


I look to you


Your eyes glisten 

Like a part of the sky has fallen in and found home

You squeeze my hand

Letting me know you’re listening


My lips pull apart 

Ready yet hesitant to speak

I don’t want to shatter the silence 

I simplify my thoughts

“We’re home”