Freedom is a Fallacy

by Tanielle Dlamini


The feeling of grass beneath my bare feet was


The wind blew through my hair as I ran.

Faster and faster my legs pumped

Freedom so close I could taste it 

Yet a figure followed threatening to pull me back…



Hell on Earth, as I like to put it.

These rusted shackles hold 

As strong as they did the day they were made.

I prayed everyday that I would break them

Maybe today God would hear my prayers.


Today would be the start of my life anew.

No more pain or suffering.

Nothing but sunny skies and my smile.

Something I haven’t seen in a long while.

Joy bloomed through me the moment I started…


Running from the savage dogs that threaten

To tear me limb from limb.

To give me a punishment worse than I could comprehend,

Taking me back there. I would never go back.

I couldn’t go back.


So I had to keep running.

The bark of dogs sent a shiver down my spine,

But I could not stop.

They never stopped when I asked.

So why would I when they did?

I was leaving and 

I did not have the time…


To stop.

Only to pray that my kin never had to do this.


They only had to live a life of happiness. 

Never experience that pain. 

That I did.

Not even on Satan would I wish this.

Lord, hear my prayers today.


Running was not meant for me.

But the rush, it felt so natural.

Too natural.


I shouldn’t have done this.

But I needed to go, I couldn’t have stayed any longer


It feels so wrong, yet so right.


The idea of freedom

Is right before my eyes.


In my line of view

“You can’t escape me.”

But the shackles keep pulling me back.