By Nicolas Gebbia 


It’s dusk already. 

The flicker of my lighter 

In the hazy air is almost   Inspiring. 


I place the lit cigarette in my mouth.

The nicotine is warm.

In this era of the world it’s the only warmth that keeps  Asking for me. 


Tangled in loose wires 


The steady wind howls against the skeletons of  buildings 

illuminating the empty road is a billboard. 

 a picture of   me, heavily edited, flashy text.


                       I never wanted to be a hero. 

                       The spotlight  burns  my skin. 


I shouldn’t have done what I did. 

But  I  was a forest fire.


my  world is beautiful like this, it’s empty, quiet, and in ruins. 

It’s funny how fast the world can change,

                       With one word 


The concrete is cold, and shattered. 

 I can feel the whisper of a smile. 

The air is heavy and sweet.     


I  did it

I  woke up the hero

and went to bed the  villain.