I Countdown the Days

By: Achiraya Kurth


Another date circled in red on my calendar

Though it’s pages away, I countdown the days.


One more flight, a train,

I dream of kissing you in the rain,

The miles between us stretch as far as horizons,

Framed photos of you are the only thing I’m able to hold,


My sun always seems to rise

The same time yours sets, I countdown the days.


Your side of the bed holds a relentless chill,

The nights are too still,


Your voice warms like sunshine on the end of the phone,

I can’t wait ‘til you’re home, I countdown the days.


You ask me about all the places we’ll go,

I answer home,


So far yet so close, how will it feel to finally hold you instead of a phone?

Maybe one day we’ll know,


I ask myself, will you wish these years away?

I wish for a plane heading only one way, I countdown the days.


You’re almost here, the airplane has landed

Your emerald eyes glow thirty feet away from me, I countdown the minutes.


Outside it rains,

I no longer count down the days.


Camp Life by Taite Smith