Little Soldier

By: Livvia Faith

Broken backs held fast on an arch

Of utter heartbreak and despair.

A cycle of beating to the brain,

Of both surrender 

And submission.


Knock down an army and call it life,

Knock down a single person, call it

Some arguably simple pastime-

Feeding my bones to those 

Hounds of yours.


A game. That’s all it is. 

But you? You trained me for war. 

For a fatal kind of affair.

Not one easily won.

And you knew.


At least I think you did. But who’s to say?

I didn’t realize it when you switched

From calling me “Friend” to “Darling”. 

Funny how that works, innit?

How I was so innocent.


How could I know that when

You swore you cared,

Swore that I was worth so much,

You lied? And to what—

Hurt me?


Lesson learned. You were my commander,

I was a little soldier. Your little soldier,

I guess. And who expects their soldier

To leave for the bloody trenches

Of a war they cannot win?


Art Piece by Eliana