By Amelie Sullivan


Where sea and sky entwine,

A lonely heart finds the sweetest shrine.

In a dreamy trance, the waves caress,

Echoes of past love, a gentle press.


The ocean’s voice, a sweet siren’s song,

Lures me to depths, a temptation so strong.

In every ripple, a sailors tale unfolds,

In its tapestry of wonder, thread of gold.


In this midnight light, I find my peace,

A world where worries cease to be.

My heart is longing for the sea, 

A soothing balm, a sweet release.


The sea, a mirror of the soul,

Reflects the depths as a whole.

In every wave, a tale is told,

A symphony of wonder, a heart of gold.


But the sand shifts and swallows, 

A watery grave now follows.

This suffocating embrace, a slow sure end

A fate that no girl like me can amend.


Lost in the depths of the tide, 

Where the sun hides at night time

Quicksands embrace, a fate so grim

A touch, a step, and now you’re in.


The quicksands embrace, a deadly hug

A grave without a coffin, a tomb so rug

A place where the sinking sand does cling,

The mourning doves will learn to sing.


The quicksands embrace, a fatal kiss

A place where the living are lost not missed

No chance to escape for a last goodbye,

My fate is sealed, a golden heart, dies.


In the depths of this cage, the lonely moon reigns

This vortex stirs with my twisted remains.

A maddening dance sways into the deep,

Where the lost and the lonely are swept in their sleep.


The pressure builds a force so great 

As the storm grows, stealing me from my fate

It pulls and it pushes, a relentless tide

A cosmic dance, where the universe resides.


The secrets it keeps, a treasure so rare

As the maelstrom whispers of a tale so fair.

Of worlds unseen, of mysteries untold,

A realm so vast, where my imagination unfolds.