by Elizabeth Basely


And again

And again

Tell me again

While sipping another girl’s rejection.

When you tell me you hear me

And no one else ever could.

When you tell me you love me

Of my mind

Let me feel that break

See that soul you let me bear

Make me into your dysfunctional factory girl.

Rewire my haywire thoughts:

More moments between the two of us.

Manufacture me





And i think that that’s so***

And i think you’re driving me**

i think i’m going*


Love has never tasted so metallic.

Lick glass teeth.

With barbed wire words i can’t wait to 

Hold me again

And more

Your fingers touch mine

Gauzy clouds of memories and mysteries

From frosty discos and 

You’re picking me up now

And i feel your hands

i think you’re the the only thing keeping my feet to the floor


And you

And us

And we

Of me

Can you seize these fleeting moments

Concrete feeted,

Bubble minded

And i’m flying next to you 

And you’re pulling me up now,

And you’re taking my hand now,


Make me yours.

Mold me—

Compress me—

Your eyes want to

Watching me.

i’m watching you


Manufacturing Me