Me and Your Ether

By Isabel Brown

This piece was featured in our winter show, A Gathering of Poets and Writers, 2022.


Me and Your Ether

I cannot afford the stars

Or the manzanillas they sell

Across the street

On special occasions-,

But within me is the currency

To your needs.


Between me and your ether,

I attempt to grasp

Your emptiness.


Shallow as glass,

I hope it fills itself

When I am not around,

At the very least.


Between me and your ether,

I can hear your laughter-

Like the cluck of a 


And it rings in my ears

Like I have everything to lose.


Between me and your ether, 

Sometimes I feel grief

When I see you around 

The friends I know

You dislike the most.


I think I might die a little

If I have to witness

Dissimilar emotions

In your eyes and smile

Once more.


That is why I need 


(to grieve), 

And why I have to

Buy stars.


At least the ether knows

That this flourished love

between two borders

Cannot be solved with 

An equation-


And it scares you;

Makes the ether wider.


I grieve you every day.



(“Between two Borders” (2022), Alyssa Nasser)