Memory Like a Flutter

by Eleanor Keith


A streak of color

       fluttered past her eyes


she tried to grab at it,

     but it began to drift,







    the page

              dancing around her 

tantalizing the wisp of



   she jumped 

               at the

                clouds of something

         she needed,

                        so dreamlike,

   always drifting apart,





           her fingers floating right 

                      through it,



  her hands caught hold of a single wispy piece


she held it up

        barely kept solid in her hands            

she pushed it into her eyes

        breaking apart her 






                    she needed to remember


                           consume it more


                          press it into her skin

                                       until it was seared to her


                              eyeballs empty,

always playing,

               never let go,

                          it’ll just drift away, too


                          a memory replaying, 



                          keep it there




                               it’s fading

                                        grab it