Midnight Friends

by Jonathan Dullnig


Three in the morning, tossing and turning in a stagnant room.

Sleepless eyes stare at the Ceiling, counting the bumps in the popcorn finish.

Off white stains splatter across the Ceiling like a cosmic nebula in a white galaxy.


My Window looks more appealing by the minute. 

I long to run down an empty Road lit by its warm looming Streetlamps. 

The Street yells my name. The Traffic Lights call for me.

The Window opens itself, giving me a portal to a time where I’m the only one awake. 


Three in the morning, the post Rain scent fills my lungs.

The glistening Asphalt reflects the Streetlamps yellow glow. 

The blue Neon Lights of storefronts compliment the red Traffic Lights.

A lonely magenta only for me and The Moon.

The Moon. He looks at me. Finally having a friend. I see his craters. His shadows.

A mutual respect as I return to my home.


I say goodbye to my midnight friends.

Passing by each Street Lamp as they wish me sweet dreams. 

The Traffic Lights blow in the wind to wave me along.

The Neon Lights flicker out going to sleep themselves.

Under my porch the Rain returns, running off the slope of the roof into the gutter.

Finally, The Moon. My friend. My companion.

He smiles at me, a warm kiss good night as we share one last glance. 


Goodbye midnight friends.

I will see you tomorrow in a new light.