By: Isabel Brown


Rain in Nevada

Rain on Nirvana

Watch as this bland life

Turns bright of fondness.


Rain in Nevada 

Rain on Nirvana

Shall the end of dawn

Start the end 

of my fawning.


Rain in Nevada

Rain on Nirvana

There are days when

The sleet feels my skin-

Instead of me feeling

The raw cold.


Rain in Nevada

Rain on Nirvana

There must be 

some wrongdoing

For I sense 

no presence 

of God.


The man of my dreams 

Is a gargoyle.

He has a high chin

And low posture-

Like a decaying tree.


He is a Buddhist

And could vomit rainbows 

For Nirvana;

The band and the afterlife.


He loves Las Vegas

Like it birthed him

But I need him

To die like Christ for me.


As I burn the incense 

I dig nails into my skin

Until I feel as though

He wants to hold my hand.


Art by Gabby Garner