By Mercedes Rodriguez


Envious through the eyes 

Of the Evil Queen

With Snow White’s beauty

For evermore 


Sifting through the pieces 

Of emerald glass 

Shattered in waves

That crash into shore

I found you 


Oh how I wish

How I wish to be you

With every scar and every flaw

Hidden behind your 






You fly higher than I ever could

With wings sweeter than fruit

And long luscious hair

Dipped in ink 

Braided with blossoms 

Woven with vines

Oh how I wish

How I wish you’d be mine


The mother of nature

Creatures from the shadows

Raising every last one

As if they were your own


From the hawthorn trees 

To the foxglove bowing at the waist

Oh how I wish

How I wish you more time

But now that the last fern has fallen

I sit here beneath the Willow

Waning away without your warmth

All that I ask 

Is that I make you mine



Come fly to me

Under my spell 

Into my care 



Art by Chloe Shaw