One-Two Rhyme

By: Jay Sutton


Art by Anisa Lopez


I don’t think I’ve ever talked back

Limp legs and courage that I always lack

They said, “Woah, who’s there, tryna make a little chit-chat?

Stand back, lest you get bip-bapped.”

I said, “You don’t wanna piece of this Kit-Kat,”

But they were strapped since I just had fists, sad

So I got my head on a swivel, gymnastics ain’t bad

Quick to switch the beat, call me an olympiad

Cause I got decorative rings, leave marks on their face

Just like a metronome, I set the pace

Break em down slow, reverse polymerase

Ain’t slippin up, cause I got traction

Needa tap out? Yeah, I’d call that based

Paint the pavement with blood, art abstraction

Used to run and hide, instinctual reaction

Now I got that one-two punch like I’m bolt-action