Running from the Sky’s Rotation

By Nico Gebbia


Do I entice you?

  When my blood flows from my wrists does it make your mouth water?

      Does the smell of me become unbearable?

         Am I unforgettable?  


I ripped my heart straight out of my chest and let you feed off it, 

     as if you were a ravenous parasitic sanguisuge. 

          When you awoke from your grave and I let you suck all the innocence out of my body, 

                  you were hungry and I set myself up as bait. 


You were My God and I was devoted to the scripture.

     Your venom deep in my skin, it seeped into my brain and you were all I could think about.

My body was no longer mine, it belonged to you, I didn’t mind.


But I wish I did,

    I wish I contemplated the decisions I made. 

       I wish I was more concerned with the things you did.

          I wish I didn’t completely give myself up to you   


I wish I treated you like the vampire you are. 

   I wish I made you hunt for me,

      I wish I could’ve been a more satisfying kill. 


My God, I call out to you in search of an answers 

     Do I linger on your mind?

          Does your skin feel cold without my touch?  

               Am I unforgettable?


When the sight of dawn arises from the east

      Are my problems too much for you too, dear?

          Why is it when I call out to you you run from me?

               Why is it when I need you you simply disappear?


Baby I’m starting to get tired of digging your grave 

   Maybe this time you should just stay dead 

        My love, am I unforgettable?


I hope you can’t go through a day without thinking of my taste.

    I hope you can’t speak to someone without seeing me in them.

        I hope you regret every moment we spent together 

            I just pray the day that you come running back to me



You’re pathetic

  You suck the life out of innocence

     You are nothing but a pitiful thing 

        Hardly a man you are.


Real men don’t prey on easy bait,


Real men watch the sun rise instead of running from    

the problems it promises.


Real men have a reason to die and come back again.


But you, My God, are hardly even human 

  They have a reason for their weaknesses 

     But you, you’re nothing more than a bloodthirsty vampire 

        A dirty, whiney, bloodsucking goblin with a personality that of the dirt you were buried in. 


Now isn’t that sad? 

      Baby I have one question for you,

Am I unforgettable?


Maya Harron’s Red?