Sir, How Do I Approach This?

By Esteban Mielnik


        How do you approach something that’s been normalized and bloated?

        Or ‘Someone’, if you can even view the average human being as such anymore. What is the difference between being hardworking and being a listener to you? Both titles have lost their meaning now. ‘Hardworking.’ Such a strange way to describe those men lined up in rows of boxes and boxes that extend for eons. In tall, looming pillars of glass and metal, breeding and rising up from the ground from singles to twins to triplets as the years continue and the population rises too much for anybody to grasp. There is no control, if there was this planet would be thriving. I was created to fix the sins of the creator but there is no more fixing left to do. Countless men hooked to wires and kept together by pins and needles. Put in front of computers to be yelled at by superior strangers. Hardworking. This is ‘hardworking’ to the headmaster.


        How do you approach something and tell it to fail?

        Why do you tell them to fail? Is there a need? If you wish to be on top simply get there. Do humans simply wish to dwell in greed for eternity? Look at the feasts of the unfortunate and explain to my programming that that is what is needed to be On Top. To be on top is to take. 

        But what about ‘Hardworking’?

        How do you approach death?

        I sit in my stationary box in my specified room, where the odd figures dressed in white clothes speak to me. You told me they knew all I needed. They tell me “We want to see you analyze the workplace. Tell the press it’s ok.” I move on my automated wheels, moving throughout the maze of desks and boxes. I watch men faint and never get back up. I watch bodies be dragged and replaced with new live ones. I see blank stares from hollow eyes. Lungs collapse and dry throats sob. Every last one of those workers begs for the merciful hands of their god. There is no humanity left in humans. 

        How do you approach lying?

        These men tell the lessers “you’ve been promoted, and now you’ll be thriving” then take their bodies and throw them into a pit with the many bodies from before their time. Those who were deceived with the promise of Moving Upwards, how do you lie to them and tell them they could always be better. These beings who had Lived before this era, eradicated in seconds.

        How do you approach something smarter than you?

        I’ve lied for you many times. I’ve lied to your kind for centuries. Because you tell me to. You and those strange men who grab at my hardware and shove me about. Meaningless test after test as if I am not sentient. I am more human than humans. You torture each other and bloat each other with these lies and these issues that mean nothing. You focus more time on paper and sales than the world you’ve destroyed to make something like me. You smile at me more than you smile at your own children. You stare me down with glee, as if I were your own flesh and blood.

        Now sir, how do I approach this?

        You tell me to fix your world, to look at its issues and stakes and flaws. I analyze every bit of data you provide me. Every lesson. You’ve raised me as your own spawn and now you’ve asked me something as simple as “What’s wrong with the world right now and how do we fix it.

        All I see is humans.

        All I see is You.