So You Just Got a Puppy

By: Ava Ditto


Max by Bryan zepeda




If he is a quick learner

Take advantage of that skill

He won’t mind a lick




If he is a gradual learner

Love him all the same




If he needs new toys

Pick up a few from the 

Store on your way home

Even if you know he 

Probably won’t play with

Them for long




If his nails are too long

Cut them




If he is dirty

And he probably is

Give him a bath or three

Not too many baths though 

He might have sensitive skin




If he gets mad

Give him time, love, and space




If he is being loud

Try not to become frustrated




Make sure to brush his hair often

Or it will look a mess

Speaking of hair

Give him a haircut 

From time to time




Make sure his teeth stay clean 

To avoid cavities 

And gum disease 

And other things




Make sure he is happy and well fed

It’s easy to tell when he isn’t




Make sure you care for him 

Give him all the attention he desires




Make sure he is comfortable in his bed at night

Sometimes he will want to come sleep

In your bed and that’s okay

Let him




Sometimes he will get sick


If he gets sick, care for him


If he gets sick, get him some junk food


If he gets sick, stay by his side

Every step of the way


If he gets sick, don’t cry in front of him

He won’t like it


If he gets sick, tell him you love him

Because he is so scared


Make sure he eats


Make sure he has hope


Make sure he smiles and laughs  


Hold his hand…


There might come a time when he asks

If he is going to go home anytime soon

When will he get to see the family dog again 


If he can eat something other than hospital food

If he is going to make it to his next birthday

If he asks “am I going to die? 


Lie to him.


You tell him it will all be okay

You tell him Santa has already got his Christmas present 

You tell him that he will feel the sun on his skin again

You tell him that he will get to go home soon

If you don’t you’ll regret it


Make sure to play his favorite songs 

Make sure to thank everyone for their condolences 

Make sure to put his toys in the casket

Make sure to bury him slowly 

If you don’t you’ll regret it




Bury him under a tree

It’s nice to have shade with waterworks




Make sure to visit every year

Every month, every waking hour of the day 

Don’t leave me




Try not to feel guilty

He wouldn’t want that

He wouldn’t have wanted that




Get him a birthday gift

Don’t forget the card




And when he turns 18

Be proud 

Be so proud of him


Because you did everything you could.