Somebody I Knew, Nobody I Know

 by Stephan Stryker Mielnik



                I think I see somebody I knew.

I know I see nobody I know.


Looking below me, the eyeliner running down

             Empty glass in my hand

     All Doubts.


I stare at a reflection


I Look at an empty face

  I stare at a mangled body

      An occupied body 




Laying Lifeless I think and wonder

      How I thought if I dragged friends home to play pretend 

           “Good lord maybe I wouldn’t feel so alone”


          Feeling of loneliness in a room full of people

Wasting time for that Doesn’t make sense 


           Nothing but Shaky Breath in a room full of air


                                    What a Shame


               “Don’t play dumb, boy, let me learn you better”


For just an hour, throwing a stoplight or two

                 Pretending works for a nobody to be somebody 


“Boy’s a Devil’s Advocate, give no pity”

“Don’t look at that charming toy and think that’s somebody”


I hide pain behind a pretty face

I hide thoughts behind a pretty body 


         Midnight morning with no one home

     2 am with a cup in my hand

A pretty girl who I pretend understands


Red red red

         That color of lust




      Nothing but disgust


Everywhere all over.     dark and bust.


               Root beer float, no alcohol involved how I wish there was no sickness




“When words hold no meaning that’s your problem


          Not mine”


You don’t know if someone’s a nobody until they were a somebody else 

         Staring at a bathroom mirror at the after party


There is nobody 

Yet I still pretend I see somebody 


                      Who’s the real fool here, you or me?