By: Chelsea Brown


I’d like to believe there is such a thing as fate. 


That I was destined to meet you, that our souls are undoubtedly, unconditionally bound together. I’d like to believe that the universe knew we were designed for each other and that I simply couldn’t be without you. Call it love, friendship, the mindless ramblings of a depressed kid, but I believe we’re destiny. Soulmates. No matter how far you are, whether it be worlds away or just an inch apart, my soul is always with you. I need you to know that you’re never truly alone, even when you’re at your lowest of lows and all you want to do is curl up and die. Platonic love as strong as this is so rare, yet we managed to find it at age seven. Even back then, I was enchanted. My parents and even other friends couldn’t understand–they probably still don’t–my complete infatuation with you. I’m not sure if they’ve ever felt this way towards somebody before. Maybe no one has, and every single moment in time was just building up for the moment we met. It’s almost like the world was created only for us, although it sounds selfish.


I know I don’t have any proof to back this up, but I truly believe that you’re my once-in-a-lifetime type of friend. Through thick and thin, I never find myself questioning the way I feel. Even when I found myself forced to choose between you or my then-boyfriend, it was a no brainer. I’ll choose you. Every. Single. Time. Just the sheer fact that someone would try to split us up makes my blood boil to a hundred and fifty degrees, let alone my scummy, good for nothing, manipulative, piece of shit boyf-


(I think you get the gist.)


And you know the worst part of it all? 


I can’t even explain why you mean the most to me. If I could place my finger on it, that spark of pure electricity that distinguishes you from every other being on Earth, it’d already be done. My mom recently asked me why I loved you so much, and you know what I said?


“Because she’s just Mia.”


I couldn’t think of a single reason to explain my complete and utter fascination with our relationship. Only one explanation came to mind: soulmate. 


But that also begs the question: does the universe have a conscience? How could I proudly call myself an atheist, yet trust that such a towering force is pushing us together? I can’t. It’s so confusing, yet comforting in a sense: that I have a soulmate. Just knowing that you’re on the same plane of existence as I am keeps my heart beating. I may not ever find my “true love,” but what we have may just be stronger than any romantic love that everyone seems to transfix over.


So, do I believe in fate?


… probably not. It’s such a slippery slope (that I honestly don’t even want to go down), but I know one thing that’s for certain:


I love you.


Art Piece by Mia Van Kirk