The Beauty of the Decline

By: Vonnegut Frey

I frolic around puddles as the sun shines brightly through the trees.

Rubble running down the road, 


meant for rain, used by creatures.


Man-made nature is everywhere:

walls of graffiti, and cans of soda.


Random bits and bobs of foliage, plastic bags, 

leaves of a thorny tree.


A startled fawn prances away to their mother,

a neglected gazebo is a cathedral of spider webs.


Summer  is a raging river. 

Stones and heaps of dirt become uncharted islands.


Shrubs of leaves like bird feathers will sprout in fall,

winter, gray snow buries graves of bones.


In spring, life rises as new things are discovered.

Shopping carts appear on the path, 


Buildings collapse into red mountains.

Aquifers of life once again flowing with childlike wonder.


No place is fully surveyed,

so go outside, and have a good day.


Art by Beau S.