The Path We Tread

By: Catherine Day









You sit across the kitchen table from me, 

Your voice laced with anger

Agony collecting like rain on the window pane of your eyes 

I want to reach  my hand across the oak laminate 

To tell you that I understand!

Give you the (non-existent) map for the whole 

Rambling, tedious, hopeless 

Adventure that led me here, to listen to you,

The back-breaking, mind-wrenching path I have tread

That I now stand back at the beginning of 

As I wave you on your own way


Because that’s the catch in all relationships:

Even if we want to wrap you in blankets, sit you on the couch,

And tell you to stay

We all have to find the strength to live our own lives, 

To forge our own paths


Paths that will take us far and wide, so wide that

One day, we may look up, 

And the sky above us will be different from the one the other person sees 

But this distance will never be too much, because


Though I have to watch you from afar,

Watch as you stumble, and skin your knees,

Bite my lip as I hold out a Band-Aid that you’ll never use

I’ll be here 

Waiting, under our beautiful skies 


Art Piece by Richie Combs