The Phoenix’s Vengeance

By: Keira Clements

we, thick in the 

grey sand



we graze our 

plump bodies

against the thorns

of the thicket


a pocket of ash

with glorious wings




perfected by



we are not listless

as the smoke 

ensnared by the sky


we are frenzied


when we move

sparks collide into 

flowers of feathers,

and when we dance

showers of embers

rise like towers 


we once were


our coils unwound


we once were


each flame of our figure


what are we

without wings?

we are but a long tail

an orange noose to 

catch your neck

but you have catered

to our tongues

you have nurtured us 

a smoky sapling


yet are we home now 

that Daedalus has

sold us both our right?

are we circus birds in

twirling garish flight?


find us with the borogoves

where the tall burdens grow


you will need one

you will want his eyes

his eyes are like panthers

killers of the night


you cannot have him


we will form a wildfire 

uplifting to surround you

blazing boldly in red 

and glowing in bronze


you are like a diamond

smited by treachery

we will craft you to

our image of ruin

and we will destroy you

for all of eternity


Art Piece by Chris C.