The Runaway

By Victoria Romero


There it is, the silhouetted figure with a dagger

Chasing the naive victim, the Runaway

Its knife is one that is feared by many

Notoriously known to cut deep with its jagged blade

Of glistening silver and rough edges designed to kill

Unfortunately today, its prey was the Runaway


The target and their chaser ran off into the night

The After Hours of the bustling city

Billboards illuminated with the blues and pinks of neon lights

Parades of zooming headlights and carnivals of dimly-lit alleyways

But the glaring current of urban life was interrupted by the two

The dagger-wielding killer and its prey, the Runaway


“Would you quit it, already?” they cried, distressed

The silhouetted figure did not listen

Instead, the chase only seemed to continue

“I don’t know what you want,” yelled the Runaway between gasps of air

“But I know that I must keep running.”

The killer yielded no response, but still ran the Runaway


Although one’s endurance cannot last forever

Eventually, the Runaway collapsed

They stopped, hands up in defeat

“Just kill me, already. I don’t care.” the victim exhaled

But the silhouetted figure did not attack

Instead, it dropped its knife beside the Runaway


“Take it or leave it.” the killer spoke for the first time

Then walked away into the midnight-painted sky

The no-longer victim picked up the jagged dagger

And added it to their collection of the rest

Thus ended another day in the life of a Runaway