Uncle’s Relics

By: Ricardo Rodriguez

In a China jar,

Two severed bull ears

Pressed against each other

Like hugging



Dried brown blood on the fur

That turns to flaky dust

At the touch. 


They’re two pathetic


Squinting from the bottom

Of the blue and white jar. 


Reminiscent of a man with a sword

Standing better than the roosters

Before a flamboyant cock fight —


With eyes made of pepper

And a nose of carbonated water

Dance around the bonfire

Like salted frog legs.


Dropping glass marbles

Into the gaping jar

The ears grow caverns

With perpetual echoes

Of glass against China.


They say that by pressing

Your ear against a seashell

You can hear the sea


— ear pressed against jar

I can hear a crowd cheering

And a stealthy blade

Plunge into the steroid muscles of the bull.



Art Piece by Madison Mesa