Under the Cherry Bush

By Devin Taylor


Under the cherry bush lived a land of wild fun
Where the Flappers would gather
and the extraverts would run
About a mile in to the town of Creole cuisine
Lived a club with mysteries
and strange routines
With endless music that could heard for miles
The cherry bush trapped them
and herded them like cows
In this story of cults and enchanting curses
An eternity of dancing left the flappers in herses

A seemingly innocent invite to the 20s
Left the clueless young souls
to be stranded for centuries
With big bright smiles and joyous dancing
the prisoners shed tears
and the club kept advancing
with no way out of the devilish bond
Their only escape was for new cattle to respond
The letters were sent out
in a desperate plea
When new dancers arrived
The old ones could flee


The Cherry Bush was big bright and bold
but the secrets that were hidden were never to unfold.





(“Blue Turning Red” (2022), Beau Seibel)