We do not fear death, but the thought of death

By Ashton Malan and Luciel McKinney


There’s a place we go, after death. 

      modern fanatics fantasize of a heaven 

and hell

      while the ancient vikings thought death left you a king

   and instead of wallowing in sorrow 

                They set their sights on the kingdom of Valhalla 


whereas the average folk can hardly hope 

          that they won’t 

fade away 

             Into nothing


Though still they preach (and teach) that those who have passed on have 


to a better place.


While some will take a more straightforward approach

and state with such certainty that

                      we will press on 

                      for the brief duration of the human lifespan, yet 

          no matter how much love we pour into the vase of life we are given

   we shall never manage to exceed its glass rim.


and when we 

‘Pass on’ 

            there will be only nihility.

Only oblivion

No thoughts,

           neither hide nor hair of consciousness

                                      just desolate disquietude 

For as long as perpetuity remains 




      How many of us will hold on to whimsical fantasies

    Not out of faith

            but out of the innate fear

That there is nothing.


How many of us continue to wish

             with empty eyes

                      and pious minds 

That there is


            than tear filled thoughts and prayers and

                      Breathless soul 

                                 And blank solemn nothing, 


And I will continue to hope

That my life after this one will

   Be an approximation of reincarnation


I will begin anew,

                                    If only I hope.