What He Made

By: Kambria Whitaker

I fell for the broken boy, 

I said ‘my heart’s already broken, boy’ 

There’s not much he can say,

to make the pain go away,

But it hurts more with every one of his lies,

I know he knows I cry, 

I told him I don’t wanna fight tonight,

We only argue out of spite,

I can’t always put him back together,

when he’s constantly tearing me apart 

He told me from the start,

to not get attached,

I feel guilty for that, 

He warned me he couldn’t love,

I couldn’t help but wonder if it’s me who isn’t good enough,

He made me the writer girl,

Who’s always in her writer world, 

I slowly fade away, 

and can’t be bothered to listen to a word you have to say,

I’m too busy writing about the broken boy,

Who made our love story his ploy.


Art Piece by Summer Roed