Will I Be Sweet Or Bitter

By Donathen Donohue


       What would you expect if a person lived in the moon? Did you even suspect that the person was in there to begin with? And just what would be said if you knew that the person had been trapped inside since the beginning of time. For when the moon formed, so came to life the being. And when the stars appeared, the lonely person was filled with joy at the sight of company. Now one could speculate on what this lonely person’s name could be, but the truth of the matter is that there is no name that was claimed by the one who lives in the moon. They simply exist.

They worshiped the moon

Made theories about being

Sentient, how true

       Of course it just had to start with a big burst. A canopy of noise, light, fire. Even then there are not enough sensations to describe what truly went down on that fateful day. No godly being could harness enough power to dare insinuate the birth of the sun and its inhabitant was any less than the universe making a mistake of power. Why? Why, because the inhabitant did not exactly agree with being trapped. Even if the poor thing had known nothing more than the confines of their bejeweled cage. They made their rage known. Everyday was filled with bursts of power, cries for help, and the most creative curses that not even the stars had heard before. You humans and other creatures alike are all thankful for the steady burst of warmth and light that comes from the sun, but were you aware of just the price it cost? That unbeknownst to others, there screams a tortured soul who is forced to watch as others enjoy freedom and company.

Running and dancing

Celebration for the sun

Forever gleeful

       On yet another night, the person had long ago lost count of how many had passed, there lay a pale human.(If they could even be called one, for who decides what is human and what is not?) This human had long, dark, smooth hair that reached past their waist. They were curled up in a purple canopy bed, with large and comfy, dark blue sheets. As they sensed a star to be passing by, they blinked open an almost silver kind of gray eyes. Taking their time, stretching and yawning, the short person crawled out of the sheets and softly set their feet to the cold flooring. All around them were the stars and planets. It was a lovely sight, and walking up to the edge of the invisible confines of the room they noticed the star passed by right in front of them. It was a magical event, seeing the bright light of gas and tiny particles streak by with little firecracker light pops. Getting up was worth it if they got to see another star, it certainly was better than the void of nothing that was their asleep brain. 

Sleeping under stars

Creating stories to go

With the moon as well

       And unlike how one would think, this soul does have a name, one that they came up with themselves and proudly claim as their own. Love. The being didn’t know how they learned the meaning. It popped up one day, and after somehow learning more about it, the prisoner of the sun proclaimed the word theirs. With a mighty shout for them and the whole death world to hear, “MY. NAME. IS. LOVE”. Over and over they shouted the phrase, until their voice was raw and their throat practically bleeding. Until they fainted to the stone floor of the warm prison with a smile on their face.

Creatures court and love

in a fickle. Not at all


       Laying on their back the inhabitant of the moon had no thoughts as they stared yet again at the dark all around them. It was peace, being all alone with nothing to bother them. As long as they had the comfort of their room, they would be perfectly fine. Content to spend all hours existing in the lovely home with invisible walls to keep them safe.The stars were there of course, and it was always a treat to see them, but sometimes they felt more like decorations then friends. Though the being found that they didn’t mind being alone. In fact, they treasured the experience.

Wars and fights to save

Themselves or others was it

All futile or not

       That energy was so admirable. And it lasted for quite awhile. Many schemes and plans were made to escape the room that was sparsely furnished in gold. Love made sure to actively observe the other planets and what happened on them. They were especially envious of the planet called Earth, with the humans who had the freedom to be heard. To know what it’s like to have been comforted, or to have a companion. Yet in another endless hour, Love discovered they could not die. A glimpse of insanity driving Love to dare try.  Because many schemes and planes WERE made. But a lonely soul’s sanity could only last so long. A fire needs fuel, and Love was running on empty gas. Oh how frightened the creatures were when suddenly the sun grew faint and cold. And how for once, Love was glad no one could hear their screams, because after breaking their own body in an attempt to be let through the invisible barrier, Love should have died. To their utter despair, they didn’t, and realizing that they would forever be a prisoner no matter what, broke them. Worse than the broken furniture and disintegrated blankets. 

Birthdays, Funerals

Had company anyway

imagine, lonely

       Something was different from the usual. Instead of feeling a slow presence, or gently awakening,there was a harsh bang that startled the moon’s core. Waking the unknown being with a start as they tumbled out of the bed in shock. Right above landed one of those big ships humans had been sending out lately. Huge and shiny, it stood right on top of the beings’ frightened view. Then, the absolute worst option happened. A human walked out! Never having been in such a situation before, the moon’s inhabitant did the only thing they could think of, hiding. As quick as they possibly could, they hid underneath the purple canopy bed and had to stifle their cries with their hand. Thoughts were racing by, thoughts like “What if they take me away” and “What if they stay”. It was so soul shakenly disturbing, that they did the only thing they knew. Sleeping, sleeping until many years later had passed and the exhaustion of utter fear had worn off. When the human had been gone, the moon’s soul finally felt peace again. Forever compliant inside their cage.

The world was stunned

Couldn’t tell what was right, wrong

For once, souls were seen


are you lost? (no exit)

(“Are You Lost? (No Exit)” (2022), Xander Stephen)