Students Offering Service (SOS)

     The Nimitz Carrier is proud to present the Students Offering Service club. The club has existed for 10 years and was started by STEM teacher Mare Stewart.  It was taken over 7 years ago by Jennifer Humphrey.  Mrs.Humphrey is a science teacher at the STEM Academy.  Last year there were 30-40 members, and this year they already 50 members signed up!

    The mission of the SOS club is to educate through service, projects, and travel, providing students the opportunity to learn by helping those in the community. The club sees a world in which all young people, no matter their background, believe in their power to make a positive difference in the community.  Mrs.Humphrey’s vision for the club is to encourage students to get more involved in the community and find ways that we can reach out to help others. The club also encourages students to bring ideas about ways kids would like the club to get involved in the community.

     If this sounds like your kind of club, here’s how you can join.   The club hosts meetings the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month in room S11.  There is no deadline  or cutoff for joining, which means that you can join  anytime you like.

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