Nimitz FC(Soccer Club)

    Are you fast and competitive, but don’t have the time for Football or basketball?  Soccer club may be right for you.

    The Carrier presents the Nimitz FC (Soccer Club). The Soccer Club has been now going on for 9 years, and has been run by Mr. Mendez who started it. It’s mission is to build core values through the participation of team sport soccer or better known as futbol.

    Last year the NImitz FC team were 7th and 4th in the matches played. They beat two undefeated teams the Black Lions and Spartans.

    Anyone can join the Nimitz FC club, and they welcome both boys and girls. To join go by room 2002 and sign up. There is no charge for training and coaching. All participants will need to sign a waiver form. Their membership ranges as many as 70 to as few as 20. They are hoping to enter into the Copa Univision tournament in October.

    Nimitz FC(Soccer Club) will be having fundraising events to help pay for their uniforms. For Greet the Seahawks on September 29th they will be dressed up and will present.

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