Basketball Tryouts

by: Emilie Villegas

All right ladies, you know what time it is. It’s time for basketball tryouts! Our school is hosting a tryout season to see who’ll make the team. Tryouts start in November 12. Seventh grade girls will meet on Thursday at 6:15 pm. Eighth grade girls will be at 5:15 pm. Tryouts will last 2-3 days and will be given teams at the end of the third day.  Many students have expressed interest in being on the team. Our competition this year seems to be a rough one! Remember, anyone can join the team, but you also need to maintain your grades like any other team.

Our coaches will to bring us to victory. Our coaches are caring and understanding; they’re kind, brave and most importantly, they are people who we can trust. They’ll lift our team, bring out our best, and give us a chance to shine. And when we’re lifted, we all hope. Hope can bring us many things, one of those things is victory. With caring people such as our coaches, the Lady Seahawks have the chance to win. And if we don’t, we know that we just have to try harder.

For us, and our school.

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