What is ‘FlipGrid’?

By: Emilie Villegas

Flipgrid is an app and website where all sorts of teachers can post questions. These questions take short discussions, supposedly a 90 sec video for quick response. Once posted the responses and questions will be filled out in a ‘grid’ display. Flipgrid is a message board style kind of website. A teacher will pose a question and their students will make a short video for a response( if required.)

Recently, teachers were in training on this subject. The teachers were learning how and in what sense  their class could benefit from this. The training is already over and maybe even YOUR teacher will be wanting to use it.This may result in almost all of your main subjects using it.  The anticipation is nevertheless more appealing. Is your teacher as willing to use this instead of the old-school teaching methods, will your teacher use it and never stop, or will you never be able to see it? Whatever the case, this may be the future of our learning programs. This may be the future of school itself, but with all the things you can’t learn online, that idea may be out of the question.


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