Dia De Los Muertos Parade


At  Nimitz Middle School, our art program celebrates Dia De Los Muertos, a Mexican tradition where we celebrate the dead and come together as a family. This tradition started about 8 years ago and went on for two years until the school shut it down due to parents’ complaints. They just started celebrating it again last year and will now keep continuing it. The parade will be on November 2nd and will be during the last 15-20 minutes of 8th pd.

Students from clubs and different organizations will participate in the parade . The directors of the parade, Ms. Ramirez and Mr. Cavasos, encourage kids to join the Dia De Los Muertos from their art classes to understand different cultures or learn more about their Hispanic cultures.

During my interview with Ms. Ramirez, she explained, “I want my students to learn about different cultures and when they’re older not be afraid to learn or understand it and be open minded.” Dia De Los Muertos started by the indigenous people from Mexico as a way to honor their deceased family members, and our school joins them in a way to respect and learn more.

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