JUNIOR PALS is a club run by Mr. Mendez. It stands for PEER ASSISTED LEADERSHIP  SERVICE. The purpose of PALS is to be leaders in communities in school and out. The club has existed for about as long as Nimitz has been open.  Mr. Mendez is going on 8 years as the PALS coordinator. The PALS club brings students together for service oriented projects such as a food pantry drive,  literacy programs, graffiti cleanup, mentoring and other services.

Junior PALS were greeters and assistants for “Meet The Seahawks”  on September 29th, 2018. They will be mentors/buddies for the ALE Morgan Land field trip in October. You may see them working concessions or at another organization for Nimitz/Stem helping out.

The PALS are going to be selling paletas for raising money for to sponsor feeding families for Thanksgiving and the Winter holidays. Last year they teamed up with Soccer Club and were able to raise and donate $440 to the Sam Shelter in our community.

The Pals have the vision of creating awareness in others about service to the community inside the school or out.  They want to grow leadership through the empowerment of service.

The Pals is open to all who are committed to service of the community. The deadline is the end of October for joining.

The members must attend meetings and volunteer for service. They must be committed or they will be dropped from the club.

There have been as many as 25 and as few as 5 member, but they keep on going to inspire others. Currently there are 27 members.

So come and join, make a difference.

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