Student Council

    Ever wish you could be a bigger part of what makes Nimitz fun?  Consider joining Student Council.

    The Carrier presents the Student Council. Student Council has been at Nimitz since the first year the school opened in 1961. This year, for the first time, Mrs. Ridings is sponsoring Student Council. Mrs. Ridings hopes “that the members feel joy by giving back to the school.”

    Student Council is the voice of the campus, a campus that values its school and traditions.  Student Council appreciates and celebrates the community as well as the family on campus.

    If you want to join Student Council, all you have to do is see Mrs. Ridings in room 100.  There is no deadline for joining the club. Last year there were 35 members from all grades, including STEM.   Student Council currently has 10 students. We want more members to join us in working for our school.

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