“The Maze Runner Series is Amazing,” by Shawn Wright

The Death cure by James Dashner is a fictional book. In this book, the sun released deadly flares that destroyed the climate and technology of the world. After this event, some survivors released a deadly disease to control population. The last of the governments combined to form W.I.C.K.E.D, World In Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department, to find a cure for this disease, which they call the Flare.

WICKED captures or take “immunes,”  those immune to the Flare disease, to do tests and experiment on them. Most of the immunes escape the first trial to find that they are in another trial.  Finally, when the immunes complete the final trial, they go to WICKED’s safe haven and survive. WICKED gives a choice to those who want their memory back, the main immune they want doesn’t cooperate with them, which causes WICKED to force those who don’t want their memory back to get it back anyway which motivates them to attempt escape.

Upon arriving at one of the last cities, they find out that the city has infected politicians who hide their condition by using “Bliss,” a drug that slows the flare activity in the brain. The escapees join a group that wants to destroy WICKED.   One immune who WICKED is eager to capture for his brain, goes to the WICKED facility to plant a bomb. The immune blows up the bomb and destroys some of the building for the group to come in. While trying to escape, the immunes find a Flat trans, a part of a teleportation system,  and teleport to an unaffected area where they can continue to help humanity to survive.

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