SOS : Students Of (offering) Service

Students of Service is a club about recycling and learning different ways to help our planet, Earth.The club sponsor, Mrs.Humphrey, and co. sponsor, Ms.Hernandez, are both wonderful women who created this important club to  allow students to do community service and to help them give back to our neighborhood.

SOS  is also responsible for the school recycling collected from participating classrooms weekly.

Anyone can join, there is no deadline, and all are welcome.  They meet every Friday.

The SOS will be hosting its 3rd annual community  “Fall Festival,” this Thursday.  There will be food, fun games and fabulous prizes.  Each game at the festival connects in someway to recycling.  All the money raised by the club goes right back to the community.  It is never used for the club’s pleasure.

Please go and enjoy the Fall festival, this Thurday beginning right after school on Nov. 15th.


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