Who is running for President?

Emilie Villegas

In only two more years, our country is going to have an election. In 2020, we will be having an election for our next new President of the United States. The event is scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, 2020. In the process Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have recently renewed their political vows in advance for elections in 2020.

Besides Trump, with the information I have been provided, here are the names of others who may throw their hats into the ring: Kamala Harris, and Bernie Sanders; Tulsi Gabbard, Joe Kennedy, and Beto O’Rourke; Andrew Cuomo and Deval Patrick. These aren’t official names but they may as well be. Although they could run for the same position, with Trump running again, they’ve raised the stakes. With knowledge they have a well-off chance on winning.

There is recent news that Eric Swalwell is running for president.  Originally a representative of California, it is said he has plans, plans that can only be accomplished with the help of being President. Eric Swalwell, only 37 years old, has been practicing for the past years, stating that he has gone on several trips to primary voting states and endorsements for three young candidates. Apparently, he is asking for a list of potential candidates in early states.

Who are these people and what are they after? No one runs for President without a plan and a platform. Donald Trump is running again; has he found a new platform? Or are the same ideas still somewhere in his mind? Eric Swalwell, the first official Democratic candidate, must have a reason. Just what exactly does he stand for? Same goes for all the other possible candidates. If they do decide to run, what are their plans? The big question here is:

                                  What will happen next?

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