The Fall Production is the thing most theater students look forward to, and most parents can’t wait to see their precious child act on the stage. I’m here to tell you what I personally thought about each of the plays.

“9 Worst Breakups” (play #1)

The play was about a girl getting broken up with and a break up fairy appeared to show her what a genuinely horrible breakup is. The first thing I noticed was the pacing of the speaking. Due to this pace some of the actors were stuttering which dramatically impacted the speed of the play. But the play still was enjoyable; one portion I liked was the singing breakup that happened to the fairy which reminded me of a barbershop quartet  and that put a giant smile on my face.

“The Customer is Always Wrong” (play #2)

The play is about young adults going about their first day on the job. Some of the jobs that were featured were a babysitter, a waitress, a movie ticket salesperson, and a fast food mascot.

I believe that the actors toward beginning of the play were a little stiff and the emotion they delivered left something to be desired. The babysitter scene had moments of delight, where the babysitter’s reactions elicited laughter from the audience.  And who hasn’t felt the pain of a bad customer at a restaurant.  The lighting effects used during the Mooseburger scene, where the burgers weren’t really made of moose,  caught my eye.

“20 Ways Guaranteed to Get Detention”(play#3)

The play was about assistant principals trying to give detention to as few students as possible while still maintaining discipline. There is also a character, Damian Burch, who is supposed to be the worst student in school. I loved every single second of the play.

The play started out very strong and the jokes never ceased to make me chuckle, especially when “Ronny”  couldn’t stop eating in class.  The subtle humor of  of “the cheater” and the reaction of the assistant principal played well to the audience. The acting, in my opinion, was on point.

The way the actors had fun while doing this made it all the better. I don’t have an complaints other than I wish the actors would speak a little louder.

“That’s Not How I Remember It” (play #4)

I believe that the topic of the play is fun and interesting. The play is about two parents reminiscing about how they met and telling the story to their child. The actors really got into it, interacting with each other with eye contact and body language, and it made for a fun play. The jokes and bits felt like I was watching a sitcom, and I LOVED IT.  The whole 80s vibe was really amazing, and I loved every second of it .  The high energy captivated the audience from beginning to end.

And as usual the crowd went absolutely crazy.

The whole evening’s performances revealed the hard work, dedication, and creativity of the Nimitz acting company under the direction of Mrs. Morales-Davenport.


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