Plant -VS- Zombies Garden Warfare: Beware the Hoard!!

Note: Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is owned by PopCap Games. You can support them by playing one of their  games or by buying this game which costs $19.99 at many online and local retailers.

The Game in a Nutshell

 Plants VS Zombies Garden Warfare was first released on February 18, 2014,more than 4 years ago. PvZ GW is a 3rd person shooter game set in an abandoned town with an open world experience.  There are 4 playablecharacters on each team/group with many skins. There are 5 bosses or diamonds which turn in to game coins in the the slot machine that spawn every five rounds.  On the map, one boss can spawn up to three times giving the player more chances to eliminate any of the zombies.

   There are over 10 maps in the game, some are set during the night and the rest are set during the day. Day or night makes no difference,  the maps are mainly for design, new looks, and fun.  The game has some glitches like infinite money due to healing.


    Playable plants are the Peashooter, Sunflower, Chomper, and Cactus.  Each one has different ammunition and fire speed making it unique, except the chomper who eats zombies whole! Each plant has a special costume with amazing abilities, like fire breath, plasma ball and many, many more.


   The zombie team consists of Engineer, Scientist, Football Player, and Foot Soldier. Each zombie has their own costume which is different from the plant’s team. There are 5 boss zombies that are unplayable and very hard to defeat. The zombies are not the best team to be on in multiplayer, but you gain experience, get coins, buy sticker packs and gain at least one part of a character costume when you play.


People with quick reactions will love this game.  It is challenging, but able to be mastered.  The graphics are great-colorful, detailed, 3D and very like the original 2D Plants vs Zombies game.  Players from “Newbies” to “Pros” can find a good time 3rd person shooter.  There are tutorials and an “offline” mode for players who just want to have killing zombies and defending the base with their fellow gamers.

NO!  It is not Fortnite, but there is lots of shooting and cool sound effects.  There is no frustrating building, but still lots of beastly players to sharpen your skills on.

If you are using a PS3 platform, feel free to add me to your friends list.  ninjalex2006.

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