A Christmas Marathon

Emilie Villegas

“‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse”; but that was not true because, as you can see, movies were playing, from the T.V.

The holidays bring many people joy, with Christmas, Hanukkah and much more. A present suited for both girls and boys from brightly decorated Christmas stores. However, not many people have made plans: a variety of Tv networks(specials), with numbers quite grand. With undercover elves hidden from plain sight, and spooky skeletons who raise Christmas with fright. Some recommended movie titles:


-The Nightmare Before Christmas

-Home Alone

-The Grinch

-A Christmas story

-A Christmas Carol

-The Polar Express

There are many more movies  we wish to spread, about a loving mouse and wonder bread. Elf- a elf (man)  who doesn’t quite fit in until the truth is told, where a new story begins. To New York he sails, for a father at last. Only to find a disturbing past. Finally as Christmas arrives, an unknown father sees through the lies. With the help of Christmas a family is back once more, and to that the man opens a new door. This is the example of one of the movies but, just imagine what the others are like, filling your holidays with much delight.

And to that, we have to say goodbye, to the wonderful reader, which will bring me a sigh. Not as popular as the many others, these were popular in the youth of your grandmothers.

-A Charlie Brown Christmas

-Home Alone 2

-The muppet Christmas Carol

-Gremlins(yes Gremlins)

-Arthur Christmas

-Rudolph the rednosed Reindeer


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