Jackets, by Another Color

Many schools believe that rules keep us safe; most of them do, but there is this one rule that makes me think. It’s jackets. Winter is right around the corner, and jackets are coming out. One of the rules in this school is that jackets have to be solid navy blue and solid white if they are to be worn throughout the day. But why is that? Aren’t  jackets meant to keep us warm. I understand that hoodies are not allowed, but I think that we should be allowed to wear any color jackets without a hood. I respect Mrs. Dana  Stolhandske’s rules and the thought behind them, but to me, a jacket is a jacket. In a recent e-mail,  Mrs. Stolhandske said ”The school uniform is solid navy blue or solid white shirts or sweaters, I don’t care what color a jacket is because it isn’t worn during the school day.  The sweater or shirt is a standard school uniform color.” Nimitz does sell sweaters in a variety of colors that meet the dress code criteria, and that is great. But I believe the jackets we wear from class to class should not be limited to solid navy blue or white.

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