Homeschooling vs Public Schooling

Public school and Homeschool are both different not just because one is with other kids and
the other with just a single child. The education is a little bit different, in traditional schools teachers try to consider each student’s strengths and weaknesses but still have to teach the specific curriculum. On the other hand, homeschooling parents can adapt the way they teach their child when he or she is having trouble or succeeding.

Another striking difference between the two educational systems involves social skills. Students attending public schools meet a variety of other students from different backgrounds; this may have both positive and negative influences. While homeschool students may not have experiences with people of different backgrounds, they also are not exposed to negative influences.

All parents care about their children, but when a homeschooling parent is teaching their own child they tend to spend more time. Which might make the child more mature compared to other kids there age. Being around adults and not kids could change the way a child act and what they say.

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