Staar testing on computers?

STAAR testing is coming up, and this year all test will be done online. We will be one of the first middle schools of NEISD to use online for all grade levels and each subject. While gathering information about online STAAR testing, they found that each section is designed to be finished in approximately in one hour and each test is shorter than its STAAR summative counterpart. Summative STAAR testing is a test designed to measure the extent a student has learned and can apply this knowledge to the test. The way STAAR online testing works  by giving each student a username and password and a session ID to log in and get started. Once they’re in they have many tools such as being able to type notes, change the background color to help their eyes, and highlight key words. Other tool they ve for the math or algebra 1 is a calculator. While taking the test, the student has  a total of 2 sections. Once they have completed section, they must submit the 1st one to get the 2nd one and finish their STAAR test. Grading categories will stay the same.  Approaches, meets, and masters will be reported in the assessment management system. Although students may not like the change, it certainly does have its perks in helping us test better.

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