The over aggressive climate

Why is today’s social climate so aggressive?

An editorial by Robert Bosquez  

We are all humans, no matter what part of the world we are from. We all bleed. If we are all the same, then why is today’s social climate so aggressive? Why are we so connected, yet so disconnected? At the birth of the internet it was all so new, people just starting to use it had brought in manners as if they were in the real world. But then one day someone thought that it doesn’t matter, you can say anything you want to anyone on the internet without any repercussions . And children who are brought up on using the internet bring those same manners to the real world and and other kids adopt the same way of thinking.

But there is way to fix this, what if we integrate real life into the internet instead of vice versa. How about we teach children to respect and use manners that they would use in the real life. That way children will be able to sit and talk, perform peaceful resolutions to help others.

That is the way to better our society and in turn prove to make our social climate not as aggressive   

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