Abandon Toys (some for good reasons)

Abandon toys


We all have played with toys in our childhood,some stayed relevant

Others fell into obscurity.Today i’m going to give you three toys from your childhood that fell off the face of the earth. From amazing and fun wonders to dangerous and weird hazards.



Most people should know what a Tamagotchi is, if not let me refresh your memory. Tamagotchi was a pet simulator where you had to feed it and all that good fun stuff. But since most schools had banned them and parents were discouraged to buy them, also they required constant attention if not the tamagotchi died.



I used to have one of these! The Etch-a-sketch was a drawing\art toy, that was used by turning two knobs. One for vertical and the other for horizontal drawing.The company who owns the Etch-a-sketch brand hasn’t  gone out of business,far from it. Since its conception they have released multiple variants such as a Frozen etch-a-sketch featuring Elsa and Olaf on the frame.


3.The Cabbage Patch Snacktime Kid

The Cabbage Patch Snacktime Kid is one of the best functioning dolls of its time. It had come with little foods that it could “eat”. You were supposed to feed the doll like a baby. But ironically it also bit the hand that fed it. The doll would bite children’s fingers and naw on their hair. That is why the doll got recalled for after numerous children were trapped in the gaping maw that was the Cabbage Patch Snacktime Kid.  

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